The PIKA platform

The PIKA platform shows me as a user all the relevant product information on a product information card / workplace instruction card.

Now I can work safely with our chemicals and I can pull up the latest product information at any time.

Other users about PIKA

" Our team is always up to date with information on hazards.
And it doesn’t take up any more time "

Thanks to the PIKA app, I’ve always got all the information I need to hand

PIKA has information on all the products we use on the shop floor. I can look up what the possible dangers of using the product are, so my colleagues and I can work safely.

The information I have is always up to date

I get a push notification whenever a change happens, so I know that I’ve got the latest information.

I don’t have to carry documents around anymore - everything has gone digital!

I don’t have to search through files and folders anymore. All I need to do is open up PIKA and I’ve got my workplace instruction card to hand. If I need to find specific information, I can also look directly at the safety data sheet.

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    Case study

    " We want to make sure every one of our colleagues at WML gets home safe. "


    Rachelle Philippen


    Quality, Health, & Environment Officer



    " We want to make sure every one of our colleagues at WML gets home safe each day. "

    "Waterleiding Maatschappij Limburg (WML) supplies drinking water to over 500,000 households and 14,000 companies in the Dutch province of Limburg. Working with water is generally safe, but WML goes further. We regularly use hazardous substances to clean the water softeners and bond pipes, for example. Plus, we use diesel mini excavators and brushcutters that run on gasoline.
    We used to keep information about working with these hazardous substances on a paper card, including the safety data sheet and workplace instruction card. But having all that static information on paper caused problems. Sheets were not always up to date or easy to find, and information was difficult to understand due to the large amount of text."

    The solution

    "The Quality, Health, & Environment team strives to find the most practical way of translating working conditions into practice. This includes making product safety information easy to access. So, we searched the market for an inventive solution and came across the SDS factory and its PIKA app, which gives our staff the right product safety information wherever and whenever they need it. It’s easy to use, the information can be accessed anywhere, and we can find information faster. This really does help us a lot, especially now that everyone has a smartphone for business with good internet coverage."

    Your trusted expert

    "Information on working with hazardous substances always needs to be up to date. Thanks to the PIKA app, that’s exactly what we get. The SDS factory sees to it that all the substances we use at WML are available on the app at all times. We received a great deal of support while we rolled out this new way of working. No question was too much."

    Safety first

    "Safety is a top priority; everything we do is checked against it. Our core values are passion and professionalism, but above all reliability. So, we take into account the risks that our work may have to people and the environment. The PIKA app helps us to do that. Employees now always have product safety information to hand. This has improved workplace conditions – employees are now truly aware of the risks and work in the safest way possible."

    How it works

    You send us the SDS (safety data sheet), we digitize it for you in your own database

    You send the SDS of the used products to PIKA and we digitize it for you and make it available in your own protected database. After approval that you give yourself, it is immediately available to everyone who is linked.